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The supply and vehicles available for hire in the majority of facilities worldwide have technical characteristics that are barely essential and have a scarcely winning appearance. The reasons behind this lies in the stresses that hired vehicles undergo, together with the fact the all hired kart producers have always preferred to reinforce and adapt karts that originate from competitions with unsightly devices as opposed to developing a specific project for hire karts. Our company, when entering into this segment of the market, thought it wise to take a different approach, contrary to the norm, by creating a product that has technical characteristics specific to this sector, as well as standing out for its refined design. We decided to make a product that differs from our competitors, not settling for only improving it.
The RENTAL KART chassis comes from a careful market analysis that takes into account both guidelines and experiences given from the main rental kart dealers, as well as ever more demanding client expectations. The Kart that we have made considerably reduces the technical and aesthetic gap between a hire kart and a competition kart and this aspect is picked up on by even the most novices of users. The “entertainment” market, the basis of the rental trade, is more and more open to innovations and in search of new opportunities. This trend also gives hire operators an opportunity as they are capable of guaranteeing an adequate product and service.
For example with the new RENTAL KART karts it is possible to organise company events or Grand Prix races amongst friends, thus increasing the satisfaction of a wider and more demanding final user. Satisfied customers are a fundamental resource, not only because they come back but also because they become “opinion leaders”. Client satisfaction and loyalty are the winning combination in areas that are not tourist magnets. n order to embrace this philosophy our Sales Management will guarantee direct back up to all hire operators, studying customised purchasing solutions based on specific needs, as well as guaranteeing an efficient post sales service. Frequently entrepreneurs must make strategic decisions that can guarantee innovation and new opportunities for their company. Getting there before the competitors in these phases is a strategic move. REASONS FOR CHOOSING RENTAL KART Each decision made on an entrepreneurial level is determined by the desire to reach a target. With the introduction of the Rental Karts there is the added advantage of reaching more than one functional target in business linked to the specific sector. Let’s take a look which: Increased safety. The rental business involves large numbers. Thousands of people get into the track’s vehicles and almost all of them have no experience of driving on the track. The guarantee of maximum safety is fundamental for the hire operator. Specific work has been carried out in this area. The pods are capable of cushioning and absorbing considerable impact and are also capable of avoiding dangerous wheel to wheel contact. The driving seat also has been fitted with special devices for safety, such as the seat basket that is especially protective.
The RENTAL KART vehicles have guaranteed us the highest levels of safety and the annulment of the few cases involving users with consequential physical damage. Lower maintenance costs. The high reliability of each part significantly reduces the replacement of mechanical parts and accessories, and the advantage is also considerable in terms of labour costs. Thanks to the kart’s reliability the number or services are almost halved compared to a traditional kart, and in addition all routine work is faster and easier due to a project designed to be functional and simple.
Better design. Whether we are choosing a car, a hotel, a restaurant or a suit the appearance and the taste for “attractiveness” are increasingly more determining in everything we do. Market research shows that the appearance is considered almost as important as substance in consumers’ choices. We have worked in this direction for a product that, until now, was never conceived as being attractive. Karts currently available are frequently still based on vehicles with steel bars to protect the wheels and chassis. If a client was given the opportunity of choosing between a RENTAL KART and a traditional hire kart, they would have no doubt on which to choose
And this choice is purely aesthetic. If the same client has the possibility to choose between two or more tracks, they would choose the one with the most attractive vehicles. Once they have driven them, they would most probably decide also on the basis of the driving characteristics. Increased Business. A better hire kart guarantees two important possibilities for increasing income. The first derives from the simple fact of being able to increase the number of clients by both creating customer loyalty in more clients, and also by attracting new clients. The second opportunity derives from being able to apply higher tariffs. This second aspect was noticed by all hire operators using RENTAL KARTS, who for a transitory period rented the old fleet of karts at a certain price and the RENTAL KARTS at a higher price. Clients consistently expressed a preference for the RENTAL KART vehicles. Statistics also show that many clients repeated their track sessions several times. Indoor and Outdoor Success. Through our work with the first hire operators to have introduced RENTAL KART in their facilities, experience has clearly shown us that the final user’s needs are evolving. In order to have a better product and service, today people are willing to invest more than in the past. This trend is valid for more or less all product sectors and the entertainment activity sector is no exception.

All operators noticed that a higher price for a better product was not a deterrent, if anything the opposite was true. Even technical details that had been introduced to guarantee safety and reliability were met with a chorus of agreement, together with reducing maintenance costs and servicing times in all cases. However, the most important approval came from the clients who noted that the RENTAL KART chassis track performance was extremely similar to that of a competitive chassis. Aside from the motor used, the chassis’ performance resulted efficient on both indoor tracks with the relative grip, and on more technical outdoor tracks. These permit new applications and uses of a simple rental business, widening the commercial opportunities for each operator.
The RENTAL KART originates from a careful analysis of the vehicle rental sector with market research carried out in the most important tracks in Italy and Europe. From there on in this kart, already technologically innovative and ahead of its time in the safety, practicality and comfort areas, has undergone small but fundamental updates that make it unique in its kind. The harsh testing carried out during its development has lead to a continuous improvement of the project both from the technical and performance aspects, but above all in its safety and reliability. With the creation of the new pods (an integral protection system with impact absorption), this project can be considered definitively complete.
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